Ready to Work for AL Congressional District 1

I'm a fiscally responsible Democrat who leads with FAITH. I'm a husband who works in the private sector to provide for my FAMILY. And, I'm a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and former Naval Officer who served in uniform to protect the FREEDOM that we hold dear.

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A Personal Note from Robert

Since declaring myself as a candidate for the U.S. Representative (AL - District 1), I’m often asked why: Why now, and why me?

Despite the cloud of corruption created by our former governor, I believe Alabama’s best days are ahead of us. I believe we have the potential to grow stronger each and every year, and that it begins by reconnecting and recommitting ourselves to our shared values: our faith, our families — and our freedoms that were so valiantly earned and protected by past generations.

As a private citizen, I have a personal obligation to participate in the process of making our country better, and I believe that I am uniquely positioned to help move us forward. I don’t know anyone in political circles, so I don’t owe anyone with a political agenda. This gives me the flexibility and freedom to craft my own opinion and do what’s right for Alabama.

My military service and business experience have proven that I have the honor, courage, and commitment to serve as your U.S. Representative — and to help our Sweet Home Alabama lead the nation by our example.

Our journey towards a better tomorrow begins today.

All I need is the opportunity to earn your vote.

-Robert Kennedy, Jr.