Kennedy For Alabama
A Different Kind of Political Talk

Our new show will elevate the level of our political discourse by inviting normal everyday people into the studio for candid conversations about Alabama. By listening to each other and seeking to understand different perspectives, we can make Alabama better.

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A Personal Note from Robert

Alabama’s best days are ahead of us. We have the potential to grow stronger each and every year, and that growth begins when we reconnect and recommit to our shared values of faith, family, and freedom.

All of us have an obligation to participate in the process of making Alabama better; and, I believe that the best way to start improving is with open and honest conversations about who we are today and who we want to be tomorrow.

With this in mind, “Kennedy For Alabama” will foster respectful conversations that encourage problem solving with a positive outlook instead name-calling contests fueled with inflammatory rhetoric. This approach will provide our listening audience with an opportunity to hear from a diverse set of people with different perspectives on the issues---perspectives that may or may not be supported by current initiatives or public policies.

It is our hope that every week, our listening audience will become more engaged and inspired to build bridges across the artificial lines that the establishment uses to keep us divided.

Let’s continue this journey towards a better tomorrow.

-Robert Kennedy, Jr.